Friday, 25 September 2015

Alchimie Primordiale

Where once the mighty hammer upon the anvil beat
Pounding out the hours that all hours be complete,
And once the turning of the sky’s gyration
Moved the metals seven in their gradual gestation,
Now alas the stillpoint folds and the net of stars ensnarl;
All we have are shadows left of the alchimie primordiale.

Those readers who might perhaps be interested in the present author's more serious writings, and those on themes which are nearest to his philosophical position, should journey over to the website entitled ALCHIMIE PRIMORDIALE via the following link:

This same ALCHIMIE PRIMORDIALE is the author's preferred name for the philosophy of esoteric pretensions to which he personally subscribes. It is to be preferred to such misused and muddy terms as "Traditionalism' and 'Perennialism' or 'Perennial Philosophy' etcetera, although the generic 'Primordial Tradition' is permissible with some qualifications. And it is not just the title which is different. The Alchimie Primordiale is really quite distinct to those other positions, although related, more or less, in certain salient features. 

In any case, the nature of this ALCHIMIE PRIMORDIALE is best discovered through an engagement with its historical examples, several of which can be found at the above linked website. When time permits, more examples will be added. 


Harper McAlpine Black

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